A Few Video Games to Play


Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

During this time, it can be easy to become bored. Finding great video games to genuinely connect with and play is also a challenge. So? I’ll give you a few!

If you like story games…

• The Walking Dead Series [1-4]

Very interesting storyline, and surprisingly is not just about fighting zombies. Of course this is included, but is not overwhelming the entire storyline which could make it boring. Instead you will follow Clementine and fight alongside her through many trials. Try to escape dangerous people, raise a child, and zombies all at the same time.

• Life is Strange

Amazing game, very indie aesthetics if you are into indie games. Even though it is not technically an indie game, it gives off the vibes. Playing as Max, you journey through a performing arts highschool as a talented photographer who happens to become mixed into some drama. Oh, and you can rewind time.

If you like horror…

• Outlast

Playing Miles, locating through an asylum in the middle of the night brings exactly what you would expect it to… if you can survive.

• Outlast 2

An interesting turn, I was not expecting to play a completely different storyline. As Blake, you become wrapped up in escaping insane heretics with your wife. Out in the middle of the desert, believed to be Arizona. Following two timelines, Blake uncovers his past and the trauma it left him with.

If you like story/survivor…

• The Last of Us [Playstation Exclusive sorry Xbox & PC]

Definitely one of my favourite video games ever. Left Behind DLC leaves quite the emotional scar, but in the actual game playing as Joel with Ellie by your side you go through an amazing journey. Fighting off runners, stalkers, clickers, bloaters, and hunters all simultaneously paired with an interesting storyline about the Fireflies. Joel and Ellie become joined at the hip, but it may not last for long. Playing as Ellie in Left Behind brings you through two timelines as you and Riley, (so sad) reminisce the good times, while fighting the largest horde of hunters you have ever encountered. You can also expect The Last of Us Part Two to come out 20/9/16.

• Fallout 4

Depending on your mission paths, you can play many different parts of this game. So much to complete, and too much to explain. Try to survive a nuclear world of dangerous creatures and untrustworthy aquaintances.


Many of these games are held near to my heart, and are very interesting. These should be plenty to keep you busy. Some of them are even on sale. I recently bought Life is Strange for only $4! Hope you enjoy these strange times.