How Teachers and Students are Staying Safe from Covid-19


Jessina Stender, reporter

For the new school year, of 2020, students and teachers are taking all precautions to be protected and healthy from the virus, Covid-19. Students are separated by the names A-K and L-Z, A-K attend to school Monday and Tuesday while as L-Z report on Thursday and Friday. The students that do not have have school on their required days are to complete school work that was assigned by their teachers. On Wednesdays, students are to join Microsoft Teams for class meetings.

Once you first enter the building you are taken your temperature by your SHIELD teacher. After you have your temperature taken and its average, you’re to go to your seat that is at least 4 feet from contact to another student. You are required to wear a mask, if you don’t have one the teacher may supply you if you’re in need. Classes has desk shields which standup to screen you away from others. The teachers also have you wipe down your surroundings at the end of class.

If needed to go to the restroom, you may go to the restroom in the G-section upstairs and if your classes are downstairs the restroom close to the office is safe to use. But only a minimum of two people are allowed to use together if needed. The cafeteria has green dots that are placed to help students maintain a distance of six feet from one another. Staff is there to reassure of this rule. You also have the choice to go to the gym or to stay in the cafeteria but you can only have three people to a certain section.

Cabell Midland High School is doing its best to help students maintain healthy conditions but also receive a good education.