Feature Isabelle Moye


Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Isabelle Moye attends Cabell Midland High School where this year everyone is trying to adjust to the current coronavirus situation. Like Isabelle, many people probably have at least one good memory from their school days.

“In 9th grade, I was reading a book. The book was a little sad, so I started crying a little. My teacher asked if I was okay. It was something that seemed so minor, but it showed me they actually cared. They wanted to make sure that nothing else was wrong, that memory just stuck with me.” said Junior Isabelle. A lot of students this year are likely wary about coming to school.

“Everything is a little hectic, but overall the school is taking all precautions necessary to keep everyone safe.” says Isabelle. Along with an altered schedule, the new lunch arrangements have students unbiased.

“I actually like it. I believe that all the things they do are necessary. We still get to converse with our peers, nothing has really been taken from us. We do the same thing, just in a modified environment.” says Moye. Apart from the social aspect of school, a lot are finding it complicated to adjust to classes.

“I think I will perform fine under the circumstances. The AP and honors classes will have an extra step to them. Those are the only classes I’m worried about.” Isabelle said. “The most challenging thing will be getting what we need to have complete finished. It will be understanding the work that will be the struggle, because we only have two days in class.” Many including myself are extremely worried about switching to virtual schooling again.

“It will definitely be a struggle, because many have issues with time management. Students will also be missing out on the social aspect. The sociality of things helps students get through work days. Other students impact each other. Without that, it will be a struggle.” said Isabelle. This year will be different for each and every student.¬†While we are all getting used to the new year, some quickly adjust. No matter how long it takes you to adjust this year is a new concept for us all.