Jackson Kirtley Interview

Owen Kreuger, Reporter

Today, I was given the opportunity to interview junior classman, Jackson Kirtley, a superstar golfer and an all-around nice person His hobbies including taking long walks, and golf. “I think I’m pretty good.” Said junior Jackson Kirtley.


I asked what his favorite color is which he responded with white. “It’s just a very clean color.” Kirtley stated.


His favorite place to vacation is myrtle beach. “I always went there as a kid” Jackson said, “It’s very sunny and relaxing so I really like it there.” He’d also very much like to visit Washington D.C. because of the historical monuments.


Kirtley stated that he’d like to become a lawyer someday.  When asked why, he replied, “I feel bad for saying it but it’s the salary.” He also greatly looks up to his father who he said is a “solid dude” and a great father as well.


His favorite genre of music is rap. “There’s a lot of genres of rap. I love it all,” says Kirtley. His favorite animal is the zebra.


“I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I like to think I’m mature,” states Kirtley when asked what kind of person he is. And he hopes that someday he becomes more responsible and just a bit taller as well.