New Covid Case at Cabell Midland

Image: Google

Image: Google

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Recently, over the week of Sept. 14-18, Cabell Midland had another case of Covid-19 come along. On Sept. 17 it was released that a student became ill after attending school on Monday.

The school has used contract tracing to notify all children and staff who were in the vicinity of the student. Everyone who was is now in quarantine. As usual on Wed. the school was also deeply cleaned and disinfected. Many are worried it is not safe to send children back to school, but the county has been identified with a “green” color code for the week of Sept. 21, 2020.

Midland has even announced a relaxed attendance allowance for those with hesitation of sending their children back to school. This is beneficial to parents and students because it is understandable to not want to attend school straight away, yet Schoology is still an available resource. This provides hope for some, and as the school year continues, everyone will have to wait to see how things will play out.

Students seem to have a split opinion about coming back to school full-time next semester. As for now, the school has decided to keep everyone on the blended schedule, and continue all procedures that have been in effect.

Remember to stay aware and always check the Cabell County Schools website for the weekly color code. Also check Schoology for assignment information and any other important information to keep yourself updated. Stay safe everyone.