Getting Tested


Kenslee Ferguson

Since I was exposed to the virus, I thought the responsible thing to do was to get tested. I also got tested to know if I had exposed anyone else and so that I could safely go back to work. I decided to get all three of the tests done: a rapid blood test, the nose swab, and one where they send my blood off to a lab to get tested. I got my testing done at Route 60 Medical Plaza which is also an addiction treatment center, I didn’t mind that it was a treatment center but the place was sketchy. The room I went into to get my testing done looked more like a teachers lounge than it did a patient room.

Although the woman who did my testing was very kind, she still made me nervous. The whole time I was afraid she was going to miss my vein when taking my blood. Luckily, for me, I have very visible veins so she didn’t miss. Despite my worries I didn’t have any issues getting my blood drawn, she then took a pipet and dropped my blood onto the rapid test. The results were negative. then she moved on to the nose swab. Everyone talks about how painful it is, ten seconds in each nostril, but I didn’t find it painful just uncomfortable. Two days later I got those results, also negative.