Feature Story

Harper Goldy, Reporter

Lili Farley is a freshman here at Cabell Midland. She enjoys high school more than she did middle school. She attended Barboursville Middle.  

 Lili Farley, a freshman, picked to coming to school instead of just doing online because she wants a normal year she saysI wanted to have to most normal first year of high school as possible.” She really enjoys school and writing. That why she took Journalism because of the easy writing. Lili Farley, Freshman, says “My favorite subject is journalism because it’s an easy class.” 

Lili’s other classes include Honors Math, Science, English, and HistoryAs well as, Journalism and Dance. She enjoys playing softball as well as going to the park. Lili hafour dogs that have kept her company through this rough times.  

So far Lili’s Freshman year has been a lot more interesting than mine. Especially with all this Covid stuff happening. I still hope that she will receive as normal as a freshman year as she could have.