The fault in our stars dive in



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Makayla Smith, Reporter

the fault in our stars,  a book or a novel both extremely entertaining and full of adventure, the name itself came straight from Shakespeare. this book and novel both show and give off a lot of love and grief, this book makes people realize that we all should be grateful for our lives that the future is not promised. i will not give you any spoilers on who what and when none of that information, can you do one thing tho, close your eyes and try to picture a world without love and lose. It doesn’t seem like much of a world at all in my perspective. this book and movie shows you if you haven’t already figured this out, it shows you the true meaning of finding yourself and believing in one another and yourself.

the movie shows you from being able to see that emotion but the book tells you from a 3rd person making you part of the story adding you a long which it was a novel before it was a movie, usually thats how it works. this is not about a certain place or thing or and object, the fault in our stars tells you a lot you need to know and how it will affect you when something happens you cant change. this is about two people that didn’t get the life they wanted but they turned there life around after meeting each other and finding hope, everyone has it sometimes it just takes the right person to show us. the fault in our stars is and will always leave a mark on the people of the world that watch it how it can change ones opinion, or beliefs. everyone is the same we are no different. sometimes you gotta let go to actually live a little before its too late.