Picture Day

Kenslee Ferguson, Reporter

Tomorrow is picture day here at the castle for the underclassmen. Unfortunately, the senior portraits got cancelled due to many reason. A few being a lot of the seniors had to quarantine along with teachers. Senior pictures were rescheduled for Oct. 12. On picture day students are called down alphabetically by SHIELD class, starting with the freshman and working up by class. This year all students will fill out the picture form online instead of teachers passing it around to be filled out and brought back on picture day.

Student will have to wear a mask while in the auditorium, only being able to take it off for the picture. They will most likely be called down in smaller groups than before, and they won’t call down another group until the first group in completely finished. Social distancing rules will have to be followed just like at lunch, standing six feet apart when waiting your turn. Picture day is not going to go as smoothly as years past, and it’s going to take a lot longer than it normally would have. Although this year is going to be very different, the school will always find a way to make things work.