NFL Coaches Charged with $100,000 Fine for No Mask


Clay Holmes

            Recently in the National Football League, several head coaches were fined for not wearing their COVID-19 protective face mask. Among these coaches were: New Orleans’ Sean Payton, Seattle Pete Carroll, and Las Vegas’ Jon Gruden. Each of these coaches were fined $100,000 in their week 2 football game. 

            These coaches were fined due to the fact that they did not follow the COVID-19 regulations, and since the NFL is working hard to make sure the players and coaches stick to the guidelines it is no surprise that they ended up fining the coaches. In an interview after the fines were given, Pete Carroll of Seattle said “I had a coach who was reminding me about it throughout the game, (running backs coach) Chad Morton was on my ass the whole night. He was reminding me the whole time,” Carroll said. “I even changed masks at halftime to find one that worked better. Sometimes you’ve got to get coached up. Sometimes you have to admit that you screwed up and have got to do better.”

            Now of course, in a close game it is reasonable that they just forgot about it and got caught up in the heat of the game. Pete Carroll stated that he was disappointed in himself for not doing a better job of following the guidelines during this pandemic. I find it odd that Seattle’s coach was one of the coaches not wearing a mask, considering all through preseason and the offseason the coaches and staff were extremely diligent on wearing your mask, even during workouts. Pete Carroll said “We wear masks all day at practice, we wear them around the building.” 

            Each coach ended up being fined $100,000 due to not following the COVID guidelines. Hopefully in the future we can hope to see fewer slips and more masks.