Why are we Still in School


Harper Goldy, Reporter

How did our county all of the sudden be so close to red and then be green the next day? It really doesn’t make sense and someone is obviously messing with the numbers. People in our school have it and yet there aren’t enough confirmed cases?

If they are trying this hard to keep us in school they might as well let us go all five days and see what happens. Is the government just doing this for sports? They are lying about the amount of cases we have, that’s not really safe at all. They are really just lying to us. Are they doing this to make us feel better? I don’t know, I just have a lot of questions on if this is ethical or not.

I mean if they are going to lie about it what’s the point? I feel like sports should be allowed because of colleges, but you might as well just close the school so we don’t have to worry about getting it. We are already mainly online, I feel like that’s how I get most of my work done. There are definitely people who depend on school, but we could find ways to work around that.

I just feel like lying about it isn’t helping anything. Just let the kids who do sports play sports. I don’t get why they want to keep us in school this bad, it’s really not a big deal.