Amy Borowski, Reporter

As Sept. comes to an end, a new month full of opportunities is among us. The hot summer heat is fading away while the crisp cool air is just starting to show its face. Leaves are changing from a bright spring green to warm musty yellows, oranges and reds. Fall is such a special time for children, family, and friends. Children enjoy the costumes and candy that Halloween brings to us. Families rejoice together to eat a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Friends are gathering at festivals and bonfires, to meet up after a long school week. Fall is all about bringing people together. Take time to go outside and take a walk in the cool autumn air. Go with your family to a pumpkin patch. Connect with friends over coffee. A time to appreciate the people and love around you. As humans we get so caught up in the duties of life and forget how fast that time will go by. I encourage all of you to use this month as a reset. Find a new hobby, read a new book, start exercising, take a road trip, find time to relax your mind from that stress of school and work. Fill Oct. with memories and laughter, and remember, Nov. is just around the corner.