The Big Debate

Nathan Stephens

Donald Trump and Joe Biden finally agreed to a debate after a long campaign trail. Biden did not originally want the debate to take place for a while but then decided to join in. Both candidates agreed on the the moderator to be fox news’s Chris Wallace. This debate was highly anticipated and was watched by nearly 65 million viewers. The debate started off fast and aggressively. Donald Trump interrupted the Biden several times in a short period of time and it didn’t end from there. The talk about Covid-19 was a tough one and one that Donald tried his best to back the decisions that he made. HE said Biden would have never shut the boarders down. Biden said Trump knew how deadly the virus was and didn’t take the proper measures to ensure the safety of Americans.

With Biden’s mental state into question many did not know how he would do against a proven debater like Donald Trump. Biden proved a lot of people wrong last night because whatever Trump said he had an answer. both men had blank moments during the debate that were very questionable. Trump was asked to denounce the white supremacist groups but didn’t answer the question and tried to change it which to any body would be off putting. Biden was then asked by Trump what Police group supports you and Biden said we don’t have time for that clearly getting out of the question. Trump and his taxes has been a question for a while but it looks like we wont’t know anything for a while.

Ladies and gentlemen we have a candidate who won’t denounce whit supremacy or pay his taxes, and we have another who can’t remember what he’s talking about unless it’s about Cornpop, and who is also backed by no first responders. I know what your thinking and yes this is real life and not a sick comedy. America has got to make a decision but I think we can agree we have a long tough road ahead.