Addiction, The Card Game


Shayden Ross, Journalism

I discovered the card game addiction about a month or two ago. It is on one of my favorite card game websites ( I know it was a newly added game because it was the first time I had seen it on the website. At the moment I am trying to master it, but that’s harder than it sounds. Addiction removes all of the aces and scrambles the board. You have four empty spots, and you have to sort the suits in order, from greatest to smallest. The hard part about this game is that you only get 3 shuffles. Shuffles, shuffle the board and allow you to find new moves. They save your progress if you have cards set in place though. I’ve played at least 200 games, and I haven’t won a single one. I have set a record for time “completion” on one though. I had gotten the furthest in that particular game the fastest then the other people who had played it. As I had no more moves available confetti erupted over my screen and told me I had made a new record.

I highly recommend this website if you like card games. As soon as I found it I fell in love! It does have more that card games though. It has games such as Yatzee, Triangles, sudoku, and many more non card games.