The New Super Smash Bros Fighter


Morgan McKinney, Reporter

As of today October 1st the popular video game Super Smash Bros Ultimate has announced their next fighter for the game. The next chosen fighter for ssbu is Steve, and Alex from the popular video game Minecraft. It was a shocking reveal to a lot of people including myself. I thought it was going to be Sora from Kingdom hearts, or Raiden from Metal Gear, but it turned out to be Steve and Alex from Minecraft. the trailer is very new so we don’t know much about what they can do in the game, but we have high expectations.


Not only that, but you can also play as zombie and enderman from Minecraft as well. looks like Steves moves are swords, lava, buliding blocks, flint and steel, and a fishing rod. I honestly thought it would be years until Steve got into Smash Bros, but it turns out that Steve is going to be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate which a lot of fans of the game wanted this to happen. Like I said I would rather have Sora, or Raiden to be in ssbu, but instead we got what fans have wanted for years ever scene Super Smash Bros 4. However Steve earned his spot in Smash, good job Steve