The Origin Of Halloween


Nathan Stephens

The famous Autumn holiday has been around for generations and is my personal favorite. A lot of people don’t know how the holiday got started though. Halloween was originally called Samhain and was celebrated by the Celtic people over two thousand years ago. The Celtics new year always started on November first, and the day before they believed that the line between the living and the dead was lifted. The dead could roam the living world and cause all kinds of trouble and destroy crops. They them decided that they should wear costumes to scare the ghosts away. They would also have big bonfires for everyone. At these bonfires they had cut off animal heads and varies other skins. This ancient tradition was passed down to the countries that would conquer them most notably the Romans.

There were two roman holidays were the Romans honored the dead called Feralia and Pomona, but Pomana was really a way the would honor the goddess of trees and apples. When the Romans took the invaded the Celtics land they combined the holidays together. The church then made it their own but it was still similar to the Celtic holiday. They had this for years in Europe until they started calling the night “All Hallows Eve”. Eventually from that name they called it “Halloween”. Halloween naturally came to America with the settlers but was not very common at first do to protestant beliefs. America changed thew holiday into its own with songs and parties. Soon more and more traditions started combining every cultures halloween. In the 1930’s the holiday started seeing more and more kids vandalizing places.Halloween started becoming something that more and more parents started to dread every year due to all of the trouble the kids were causing.Then they decided to give them a choice of a trick or a treat that they would get. This is how the Halloween that we know now came to be.