Cabell Midland High school is having a free SAT on October 14, 2020. Based on your SAT scores and GPA, students have the ability to get scholarships. The SAT is a standardized test, required for college admissions, and your score determines whether you are eligible for National Merit Scholarships and other scholarship opportunities.

Juniors are also able to take the Practice SAT, but the dates for the PSAT are unknown. Each year 3.5 million high school students take the PSAT. One way students can practice for the upcoming PSAT or SAT is on Khan Academy. Most should be familiar with Khan Academy, it was a requirement in Shield last year to pass. Khan Academy not only has PSAT and SAT practice, but you can practice almost every course midland has, including AP courses. Practice will increase your scores, which ultimately increases your chances for scholarships. For more information about logins for Khan Academy, you can contact your shield teachers.

Due to cancellations of ACT’s and SAT’s across the country, many were speculating that they would be cancelled all together this year, but that is not the case. Since these are a requirement for college admissions, they will continue as usual with COVID precautions.

Picture Creds- Kelly Daniels