Clubs Get Revamped at Midland


Last year’s most popular club, ultimate Frisbee, was disbanded this year.

Hunter Herrenkohl, Staff Reporter

With clubs getting out of hand over the past few years, there’s has been a new club format instated at Cabell Midland High School.
“I am not a big fan of the new club format,” sand senior Bryce Hardiman. “It does not allow students to choose what club they want to do on a weekly basis.”
In the old clubs there was not really an attendance record, allowing students to go where they please.
“Not being able to do what I want on club days is the reason I don’t like the new club format,” said junior Cody Daniels. “I used to be able to go to the club I was feeling that day, and now I can’t because the roll call.”
Both of the two most popular clubs from last year and multiple years before, the walking club and the ultimate Frisbee club, were disbanded for this school year.
“As ambassador of the bass fishing club, I feel sorry for the students that enjoyed those clubs, and made them feel like they were a part of something,” said ambassador of the bass fishing club, senior Shelly French. “But they wouldn’t feel a part of the bass fishing club so I would recommend joining the disc golf club.”
“I feel that administration is restricting the right for each and every student to pick the club in which they desire,” said Hardiman. “If these continue to restrict the basic rights of students of Cabell Midland High School, then why even call it a public school at all.”
The students enjoyed the old format more when they could join two different clubs for the morning and the afternoon.
“I just feel like one club is going to get boring” said senior Biz Patrick. “I had two clubs last year and I liked alternating between clubs because I did not get bored.”
It seems that as the new format is put in place many students do not like it near as much as the old format.