The Intriguing Rise of Among Us

Cover Art of Among Us, by InnerSloth

Cover Art of Among Us, by InnerSloth

Dylan Andrus, Reporter

Among Us is a social deduction game revolving around the premise that the players are crewmates on a space ship and must complete a set of tasks around the ship. However, among the crewmates are imposters who seek to kill the crewmates as their victory condition (hence the title of the game). Along with doing their tasks, crewmates must deduce who the imposters are and eject them from the ship via a plurality vote–the crewmates can also win by ejecting all the imposters. InnerSloth, the game’s developing studio, originally released the game in June of 2018 and intended it to be a small, fun game to play with friends at parties and other social events. Despite this, the game has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity on the internet in recent months; Among Us’ rise has even gotten to the extent that the developers have elected to scrap their plan for a sequel in lieu of expanding upon and recoding the original.

There is no dispute that¬†Among Us is wildly popular, but how did a game such at this get to where it is now? As stated previously, it wasn’t particularly designed for random online multiplayer, nor expected to be shown in media to the extent it is currently. From what it seems, the game began picking up steam when it became of interest to certain YouTubers, whose play throughs of the game with friends sparked more YouTubers to play it, further creating a chain until some of the most popular YouTubers on the platform picked it up. From there, players began making memes and other fan-made content revolving around the game, further spreading its sphere of influence.

Overall, the game is widely enjoyed by tens of thousands of people, and its rise to the top of current video game stars shows that even a simplistic-style design and age-old premise can be turned into a powerhouse. Among Us continues to soar to this day, and it shows no signs of stopping yet.