Outlook on the 2016 election

Bryce Hardiman, Staff Reporter

In a time where the country seems to be divided on many issues, the American voters look to the 2016 election for hope and direction.
The GOP is preaching a message that the Obama policies of the last eight years has stagnated the economic and social development of the country and looks to send it in a more conservative approach.
Many candidates have announced they’re seeking for the Republican Nomination as seventeen major contenders have fought hard to make it in the heavily crowded polls.
With this high capacity Presidential, one candidate has stood out the most and has given new attention to politics; businessman Donald Trump.
“I could truly see Donald Trump as the nominee,” said senior Zander Wagner. “It would provide a new outlook on many things surrounding the country.”
A man with no political background has taken the scene with very controversial policies and plans to give the country a new outlook on many issues that have plagued the nation.
Trump has taken a lot of love and also slack for his stance on the Immigration issue in America, as his plan is to send illegal undocumented immigrants back to their country and establish new laws to become a United States citizen.
With Trump leading the polls by a large margin in many caucus states, candidates such as Neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Sen. Jeb Bush have worked hard on receiving more attention in the National Media.
On the other side, the Democratic Party looks to do something no other party has done since the GOP in the late 1980s have done; Capture the White House in three consecutive terms.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leading the polls by a large margin in the Primaries but has seen her number of drops due to the email scandal surrounding her campaign.
The State Department has rated some emails used on her private device as classified and has scared many voters in supporting Clinton in the coming election.
“When I look at this scandal it doesn’t seem legitimate,” said senior Griffin Aliff. “I truly do not feel this will stop the Clinton campaign on reaching the White House.”
As these controversies have come, the speculation of a possible Joe Biden and Elisabeth Warren ticket have started creating a huge buzz.
Many that are further left to the Democratic Party are showing their support for Independent Senator from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Many have looked past Sanders as a threat but with leading poll numbers in New Hampshire he’s giving Clinton an actual Primary race.
On both sides of the spectrum if the nominations were made today polls show that a Clinton versus Trump matchup would occur to capture the Presidency.
“It’s going to be interesting how all of this pans out,” said Aliff. “This election has so much attention and we’re a year away from the results.”