Cabell Midland 2020 soccer season

Emma Shields, reporter

Our high school soccer season has been totally different this year. Covid has restricted our play multiple times and has led us to be on a day to day schedule. The color-coded map that exists is what determines if we play or not. Cabell county has been in green, yellow, or gold majority of the time. Now, how accurate and reliable is the data coming from the map, we don’t know but we play every game as if it might be the last game we ever play. While some counties haven’t played at all we have played a lot more than anyone anticipated we would play.

We have a game tomorrow at home against Parkersburg South and a game away at Spring Valley on Thursday. We have sectionals and regionals coming up soon. Pretty soon they will start seating us and preparing for sectionals. The four teams in our section are Lincoln County, Spring Valley, Huntington and us. We hope to play hard and work our way to states. The last time the Cabell Midland girls were in the State finals was four years ago. We hope to stay in green or yellow so we can still play by the time sectionals comes around.