Hiking at Lake Vesuvius

Image: Me

Image: Me

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Lake Vesuvius in Pedro, Ohio is a well known spot for relaxation. Lake Vesuvius is part of the Wayne National Forest, and includes area in OH and WV.

The actual lake is found on a winding road leading up a steep hill. Once you reach the top you will find the alluring lake, surrounded by wooded area where you can walk around the lake. Canoe rental is available when the weather is warm and you can paddle along the beautiful lake. There are also areas where you can swim in the lake, which provide a refreshing activity for water lovers. Parking costs around $3, which may vary but a cheap price for a day of fun.

There are also recreational areas to spend the afternoon at. You can take scenic drives through paths with wonderful trees. Especially when the seasons change, the colorful falling leaves create a delightful image to see. There are shaded picnic areas with restrooms and wooden tables to eat a delicious lunch at with friends and family.

Hiking and horseback riding trails dominate the far end of the park. Secluded trails with serene wilderness create a pleasing atmosphere for your walk. The Sand Hill trailhead is a perfect trail for beginners, depending on the direction you take. With few steep hills, this trail makes a great walk for viewing your surroundings. You may come across an occasional fallen tree, horse droppings, or a small stream, but the walk is still worth it. Being in the silence of the forest while walking is one of the most content emotions to experience and a deep breath of fresh air will definitely rejuvenate your soul. The Sand Hill trail varies from 3-7 miles, but still short enough for a couple hours of hiking. It is courtesy to yield to horseback riders, yet riding season is only from April 15-Dec 15.

Hopefully you will visit and enjoy nature in its beauty.