Addiction to escapism

Owen Kreuger, Reporter

We all tend to indulge ourselves into something. Wether it’s a good book, movie, video game, or something more extreme like drugs or alcohol, we all crave some sort of escapism. We all need a break or distraction from our overwhelming reality, but how much is too much?

Drugs and alcohol can be used in moderation as an escape but are very easily addictive. Many people tend to fall victim to this. They party and have fun and grow to depend the substances. Eventually a person will become completely dependent on these substances using them all the time. There is a lack of moderation here which is the biggest issue.

Not only does this apply to substance abuse, but to our favorite common pastimes like reading, running, or video games. It all comes down to moderation. Too much of a good thing can easily become a bad thing. Escaping to a fanciful world where anything can be possible is perfectly fine as long as you keep touch with reality. Distracting yourself from work by exercising and running is ok too as long as you know when to take a break for a while. The key is to learn to restrain yourself from falling into a dependency, obsession, or addiction. Find a balance between your connection to reality and your escape.