The Great Pablo Escobar

Edith burns, writer

The show “Narcos” is terrific. It is about how Pablo Escobar got captured and shot while he was in the medilian cartel and they were chasing after him for years. I would rate this TV show 10 out of five stars because it is so good. I’ve always been interested in Pablo Escobar so this is really a good show to watch. It is also incredible how the show matched up with the stories about him.The timeline in this show is exactly like what happened in real life it shows everything that he did throughout his life and even explains a little bit of the back story of his childhood and why he wanted become the kingpin of cocaine. He originally wanted to help the poor out and what he did was he sold cocaine in America an in Columbia and he made billions off of that and then went to very poor cities in Colombia and gave it to the poor people bought them new houses food cars built churches built schools ETC.  Not to mention the characters were almost local ice to the real life people. Also my favorite character has to be Pablo Escobar himself because he is just very good looking I think and he plays the role of Pablo really good and just looks almost exactly like him. I would definitely recommend this to a friend and I already have it is just a great TV show and you should totally watch it.