The Story of Wonder


Morgan McKinney, Reporter

Wonder is the story about August Pullman, who’s nickname is Auggie. When he was born, his face was deformed and, as a result, he could barely see, breathe, or speak. He had 27 surgeries in an attempt to repair his deformations. The story is told by the different perspectives of multiple characters. This story is a touching one that leaves a defined impact on the reader. When first introduced, I believed it to be one of the best stories I’ve ever read and wanted to give it more recognition.


In the first part of Wonder, we meet the Pullmans; August, Via, Nate, Isabelle, and Daisy, the dog. This year is going to be Auggie’s first year in a real school instead of being homeschooled. Then, we meet Mr. Tushman, the principal of the school. Tushman tells Auggie about the school and on how it works. The story then introduces Jack Will, Julian, and Charlotte. They show August around the school. The next day, Auggie starts to get bullied at because of his facial deformations. After that, we then go to the next part of the story, Via. We see then how Via joins the drama club, and how she gets a boyfriend.


The story then switches to Jack Will’s side of the story. On Halloween, Will hurt Auggie by saying he would kill himself if he looked like August. Eventually, thanks to the help of Auggie’s friend named Summer, Jack recognizes his wrong doing. Then, we see the story in Miranda’s point of view. When she went to a camp over the summer, she pretended to be Summer’s best friend for the camp. When she got back and saw Via, she couldn’t speak to her normally – since she took her identity.

Wonder is an amazing story, and I hope my summary encourages you to check it out.