Who Will Come Out on Top?


Clay Holmes

This year’s NBA finals is a matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. It has been a tough trip for both of these teams but there is one question on everybody’s mind: Can Miami stop Lebron James? 

In the first two games of the finals, the answer to that question seemed pretty clear. The Lakers took the first two games of the seven game series with scores of 116-98 in the first matchup, and 124-114 in the second. If the Lakers come out of this series with a win it will be Lebron’s fourth championship. However, Lebron James is not the only superstar on his team, playing alongside him is a former number one draft pick and seven time all star, Anthony Davis. Davis joined The Lakers before the start of the 2020 season being traded from the New Orleans Pelicans. James and Davis make an amazing duo and the question is if they can be stopped. 

Miami had two of their star players get injured in game one of the series, one time all star Goran Dragic and their defensive threat Bam Adebayo. This worried the Miami fan base because of the talent that they lost. Luckily for them that is not their only talent, three point shooting guard Tyler Herro and five time all star Jimmy Butler. In game three of the series Jimmy Butler had a 40 point triple double and either scored or assisted on 75 of their 115 points. The heat went on to take game three 115-104. 

Now I don’t think there is any doubt as to what the Miami Heat can do, and it will be exciting to see how the rest of these finals play out. Game four of the series is tonight at 9:00pm and it will be interesting to see if Miami can hold off Lebron James and the Lakers to tie the series up at two and two.