The Stereotypical Aries


Shayden Ross, journalist

If you are an Aries, like myself, then you are not new to the “hot headed” stereotypes. Most of the stereotypes made about an Aries are completely incorrect. I know from experience, that not all Aries are ready to fight, extremely carless, yelling all the time, short tempered, and super athletic.

Most of the stereotypes of an Aries are that they like to make fun of people, they have a short temper so it’s easy to get on their nerves, they’ll yell at you, and that they are emotional. Most of the time when you look at a zodiac sign that tells you the signs “traits” the Aries are always put out there as “intense”. Looking at a “Aries personality” sheet, they claim that Aries are competitive, aggressive, childlike, impatient, rebellious, and tough. They do mention good qualities of an Aries though such as, intelligent, courageous, brave, responsible, and generous. So looking at stereotypes there are a good and bad side to Aries.

Personally, I know Aries other than myself. All of them are extremely caring, have great friends, full of energy, but use it well, and fit barley, to none of the stereotypes made about them. On the other hand, some people fit the stereotypes to the T. I guess it varies from person to person.