Rising Covid-19 Infections in India

Sabastian Peake, Reporter

A team of health workers in India went to many houses of people who had tested positive for the Coronavirus, except everyone kept refusing to quarantine.

“We can’t afford to quarantine,” said Amit Deb, a local shopkeeper in Masli, India. If any more of his family were positive, they would all have to quarantine. This would be risking their food supply because they would be out of work for a few weeks, if not longer. However, the rest of his family refused testing.

The refusals across India are paving a straight path towards being number 1 in the world with the most cases. The United States currently holds the spot with 7.6 million COVID-19 cases. India (which is currently at 6.8 million cases) is approaching very fast with 30,000 more cases than the U.S every day. In many Indian villages, no one is wearing masks and there is no social distancing. They believe their government is over exaggerating the Coronavirus.

Health officials say that over a million tests are being done every day, nearly five times as many as there were a few months ago. The government’s focus have mainly been on changing behavior, rather than enforcement. Even though the cases are rising every day in rural India, other parts are loosening up containment restrictions to help with the economy. This month, they will allow movie theaters to reopen, and as long as they get the green light, schools will soon follow.