Trump contracts COVID-19

President Trump and wife Melania Trump have contracted Covid-19, and will be quarantining for two weeks. Trump being 74 and overweight puts him in a vulnerable position when it comes to corona virus. Although, the president claims to have mild symptoms and is still doing press conferences.

On Sept. 26, there was an event at the White House Rose Garden that has been labeled a super spreader, for the Corona virus. This event was where President Trump announced that Amy Coney Barrett was his Supreme Court nominee. Many high profile people and White House officials were in attendance and have since tested positive for Covid-19. The Trump administration is not doing contact tracing, despite the CDCs urge for it. The exact number of positive cases is unknown, but it is well over a dozen, so far. This raises the question whether Americans will be less willing to follow Covid-19 protocol, if the President himself is not.

Trump has recently stated that he has miraculously recovered after 3 days of contracting the virus. The President claims that the care he has received at the hospital has helped him tremendously and White House officials say he could be back to public engagements by Saturday. Hopefully, the President will quarantine for 2 weeks, and then provide negative test results before transitioning back into his duties.