Ancient Egypt

Edith burns, writer

Ancient Egypt is a wonderful thing to look into I’m interested in it because there are so many different things about this country and culture. For example, King tut, he was a very well-known pharaoh in ancient Egypt an in fact his tomb was discovered in the 1920s almost untouched by tomb robbers. I find this interesting because usually tombs and ancient Egypt have been raided by tomb robbers. Tomb robbers are people who will go in after the dead have been buried and steal everything. The reason why they would do this is because when you died in ancient Egypt you would get buried with many things like food, gold, jewelry etc. They did this because it helped you enter into the afterlife, which is a very long and difficult journey in ancient Egyptian culture and religion. I also find it interesting because I just love archaeology and I would love to go to ancient Egypt and find a tomb myself. There are many different things you can learn about ancient Egypt and I highly suggest you looking into it. My favorite pharaoh is as I stated before King tut he is just very interesting and there are many things about him that were different. For example, he had a cleft leg and lip because in ancient Egyptian culture they believed that you could only have sex with your sibling so he was a breed of incest. Again, I highly suggest you should study and look into this amazing culture.