The Birth Of The Banana Slinger

Jackson Kirtley

It was the middle of December in 2019, all was normal until one morning. Rumors started spreading throughout the day of feces having been slung on the wall of the mens restroom in the C hallway. As people investigated it it became clear that it wasn’t actually feces and it was actually a banana that had been thrown at the wall and had been drying throughout the day and slowly developed a brown color. Word had continued to go around that bananas had been thrown around in the bathroom. It happened again the next day, in the same bathroom. As these events were occurring nobody knew who was committing these hanus acts. Teachers dubbed whoever they were as the “Banana Slinger”. After the second attack on that second day the banana slinger made his third and final strike the next day in the same bathroom. After that nobody has heard about the banana slinger since. Nobody knows who he is either, this has led to conspiracy theories about the identity of the banana slinger, some say he was a senior letting out steam before college, others say it was a sophomore but it could be any of us, he could still be walking around the school every day, living in the shadows, awaiting the perfect time to strike again.