The Identity Of The Banana Slinger

Jackson Kirtley and

The Banana Slinger has become somewhat of a little known myth amongst the student and staff of Cabell Midland. With virtually nobody knowing the true identity of the banana slinger, I asked someone who does know the identity who shall remain anonymous. “With him (and it is a he) he definitely isn’t planning another quote on quote attack, to him it was a funny prank from almost a year ago that he won’t shut up about” I asked his friend if he was there when that first banana was slung and he replied with “Yes, it was one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen, we and a few other kids walked in there in the morning and he just chucked it across the bathroom and at first it was kind of funny but then he would keep bringing it up for the next 7 months as if it was his greatest achievement.” I continued to ask him what the message was that was being the slinging of those three bananas to be answered with “There is no message as far as I know, I think he was just being stupid so he could get some laughs.” The true Identity of the fabled banana slinger may forever be a mystery but maybe the identity doesn’t matter, maybe what matters is the legacy he left behind.