Junior PSAT Opportunity



Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

This coming Wed. Oct. 14, there will be an optional PSAT opportunity at Cabell Midland. Juniors with last names starting A-K will be able to attend school like normal, but have a free testing day.

Like all SAT tests, the PSAT will consist of Reading, Writing and Language, and Math sections. With a total of over two hours to complete the test students should use this amazing opportunity. The PSAT will prepare you for the actual SAT which colleges accept as an enrollment score along with the ACT.

Cabell Midland covers the cost of the PSAT and SAT for all students. Which is another positive reason to attend the test Wednesday. There are many helpful test taking tips and strategies you can find in your PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide. The Student Guide should have been handed out by shield teachers as another aid for preparation. It even includes practice tests with explained answers for help understanding the content.

On any test day you should follow a routine to keep yourself as stress free as possible and ready for testing. The night before it is suggested you get at least nine hours of interrupted sleep. You should try your best to limit screen time before bed, and use stress relieving techniques if you are feeling anxious. In the morning it is optimal you eat a nutritious breakfast with fruits and proteins to keep you sustained throughout the day.

Good luck to all taking the PSAT because standardized test scores can impact your future.