November Teacher of the Issue: Brian Mcneel


Damon Linville

McNeel has received this honor through his constant care for his students, as well as his out of the box teaching methods.

Shelly French, Staff Reporter

Throughout the halls of Cabell Midland you will find teachers and administrators that care for the student’s academic success. In this issue, Brian Mcneel, science teacher, has been voted Teacher of the Issue and labeled as someone who deeply cares for the success of his students.
“This is the sixth year I’ve taught and all six years have been spent at Cabell Midland,” said Mcneel. “I even started my student teaching here, I just love it here at Midland and I love the people.”
The classes Mcneel teaches are all science related classes such as Biology, Forensics, and Earth Science.
“Science is the only subject I enjoy,” said Mcneel. “I like kids to have fun and I don’t want them to leave hating science, but I want them to enjoy it and also understand how difficult it can be.”
His teaching style is also different from other teacher’s curriculum. He doesn’t keep his kids sitting in chairs and listening to lectures, or even just doing book work.
“I really enjoy hands on activities and I really enjoy communication between the students,” said Mcneel. “That type of work is something you will see a lot in my class.”
His teaching style is something that attracts students to science and makes them want to learn in a fun, but smart way.
“I got interested in science because of his class,” said senior Kayley Stevens. “He always found a way to make the students in our class want to learn, and once we wanted to it all became a lot of fun.”
Teaching wasn’t always what he wanted to do, however. According to Mcneel, he first wanted to be veterinarian but ultimately ended up teaching in the end because of his great patience and love for science. Cabell Midland is a greater place because of his decision to teach.