November Athlete of the Issue: Harper True


Damon Linville

Harper True works hard in her sport and takes many extra measures to excel on the team.

Nick Hunter, Staff Reporter

Defender of liberty, player of soccer, freshman Harper True sweeps the nation.
“I would like to thank Kanye West, my cousin Kev, and most importantly God.”
Harper True has proven herself worthy of this award by playing varsity as a freshman. Her early experiences have allowed her to thrive on the field.
“I’ve been playing since I was three years old, and I started playing travel soccer at age seven. We won states when I was younger. My grandmother taught me that fishing poles are for the weak minded, so I used to walk through rivers spearing catfish. Doing so gave me the field vision I have today,” said True.
She remains in the starting lineup of the Cabell Midland Knights. The Knights have had a spectacular start to their season at four wins and one loss. True explains her contribution to the team.
“I like to get yellow cards and win. I will fake injuries for free kicks,” said True.
True’s hard work and determination has allowed her to prevail as a soccer player.
“My pre-game meals of Chipotle and strawberry pop tarts give me a helpful boost in kicking balls. You may find me running through the six with my woes before games as well,” said True.
She reveals her strategies as a player that allow her to reach the best of her performance.
“I will yell at the referees if I have to. No regrets, soccer if life,” said True.
Her aggression on the field has provided leverage for her team as well.
“I like to break noses and unintentionally kick people in the head. I fought a bear once and the bear died. I’m basically Floyd Mayweather,” said True.
True gratefully accepted her award and blew a kiss to the heavens.