Why 2020 Is The Worst


Nathan Stephens

I am sure that this year is going to be one that we remember for all of the wrong reasons. It really has been an awful year for so many for different reasons. The main reason being Covid-19. The year started out normal and full of hope because we are finally in a new decade but quickly turned into a nightmare. One of the first tragedies that happened was the death of basketball star Kobe Bryant.He was flying with his daughter when the helicopter crashed and killed everyone on board. It was a very big deal because Kobe was more than a basketball player.He was a hero to many and a public figure. Coronavirus then started inWuhan China and spread throughout the whole world very quickly killing many. As of right now 1.09 million people have died all over the globe.The virus has controlled us and made our lives completely different. The way we go to school is completely different because of all of us wearing masks. We also have to social distance and had to Quarantine for a very long period of time.

the other big thing that happened this year is the start of the black lives matter movement. George Floyd was arrested for using a counterfeit bill and was arrested.He was put on the ground by the police and the officer laid his knee on his neck.George Floyd Repeated “I can’t breathe” several times. The man then died but there are several different autopsy’s that say different things.The whole movement went wild. There were and still are protests in the streets and violence occurring in many major cities but most notably Portland. This year truly has been one of the worst for everyone and I think it’s something we can agree on.Something that can bring us all together is our collective hatred for this year.