November Scholar of the Issue: Anisha Valluri


Damon Linville

Through studying hard and participating in AP courses, Valluri works hard for her academic status

Bryce Hardiman, Staff Reporter

Cabell Midland prides itself on academic achievement and dedication from its students in the classroom, but one student has stood out above the rest.
“It’s an honor to be scholar of the issue,” said senior Anisha Valluri. “Academic success has always been crucial in my learning.”
Valluri has showed academic excellence at the highest measures from maintaining a solid G.P.A of 4.95, putting her at one of the top ranks in her class.
“Studying has always been crucial in everything I commit myself to,” said Valluri. “I average around three hours of studying each night no matter the amount of homework.”
Valluri enjoys her classes and works to challenge herself my admitting into AP and Dual Credit courses.
“It challenges me to be the best possible student I can be,” said Valluri. “At the end of my high school experience I want to remember that I always worked the hardest.
There is many challenges when trying to maintain these classes but Valluri works to maintain a series of goals she set out beginning her freshman year.
“I always put forth a few goals but also tips I must follow to keep being successful in high school,” said Valluri. “Mostly it involves believing in yourself not only as a student but an individual.”
Valluri plans on exceeding the collegiate experience by attending the most prestigious school that she can attend.
Valluri has already been informed she’s obtained the Promise Scholarship and looks to extend the amount of Scholarships and financial support.
“Knowing that I already have one scholarship so early in the school year its allowed me to focus more on the quantity of scholarships and achievements I can receive,”  said Valluri.
Valluri hopes to carry her academic success in the job environment in the future and become a well-known psychologist.
“Pshycology has always been a very big interest in my learning,” said Valluri. “I’d love to help others and also do something I love.”
Valluri hopes to continue her studies and excel in the coming years to achieve the goals she has set forth in becoming what is desired in her work and learning.