Interest Journals and Why You Should Consider Making One

Allie Hagley, Reporter

Now you may be asking yourself, “what is an interest journal?” Well, an interest journal is a journal that’s filled with either a single topic or multiple topics of interest. They could be about your favorite shows, books, things you like to do, people you find interesting and pretty much anything else. An example of an interest journal could be about anime, clothing, flower arrangements, etc.

Although interest journals are not all that popular, they are a great way to show off one’s creativity without having to show it off to others. This journal is yours, and you can decide who sees it and what you want to put in it. If you’re ever feeling down or feel like you’re not doing good enough in what you love or a show really upset you, making an interest journal of your choice can bring your spirits back up if you read through it.

One of the most common problems or issues that someone faces when making an interest journal is that they may not know how to begin one. You can start it in any way you want; make it your own. Another problem could be the lack of time. If you wish to dedicate yourself to creating a beautiful interest journal of your choice, you should take your time with it, so your journal doesn’t look rushed. However, if you are not taking it too seriously and are just making one for fun, you can work on a page whenever you have the extra free time.

Interest journals are a fun project you can do by yourself or with a friend if you want to make an interest journal together. There are a few videos on YouTube that explain how to get started on your very first interest journal. Remember, this journal is all about what you want it to be; you can be as fluent as you choose when making one.