Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms Album Review

Image: Google

Image: Google

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

For anyone who enjoys different music taste, this album is for you. Released in 2001, Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms is a compilation of music connected to the Middle East. With 13 songs, this album is the perfect sample for anyone wanting to delve into middle eastern music.

From Natasha Atlas to Transglobal Underground, this album incorporates many dance beats  and electric guitar. The album includes songs not only in English, but French, Tunisian and many more languages. You can listen and understand how artists began to shift into the modern pop genre throughout the album.

Also featuring Cheb Mami and Sting, they collaborate beautifully on the popular song Desert Rose. By hearing the ethno-techno fusions on the album audiences can see how musicians draw upon Arabian origins to create music.

With an interesting track-list, and upbeat tunes, Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms can be the perfect album for anyone.