What it’s like Doing Work at Home


Harper Goldy, Reporter

The at home learning is just funny to me. Everything is funny to me, the zoom calls and all the work online. We still go to school though for only 2 days. 

I hate the zooms calls because I always sleep through them then I feel bad about it afterAll the schoolwork I get done because it really bothers me if I don’t get it done quick. I have a lot of free time nowadays and I love it. If I get all my work done quick, I get more free time. So far, I have not gotten a ton of work, it might because they aren’t supposed to, but I don’t know. It’s been a very pleasant surprise because I thought that I would have so much work that had to be done. 

I don’t know why we are still in school though because we are only here for 2 days and a time. That’s not a lot of time. If it were up to me, I would say that we should be completely online especially since cases are going up, but that’s just me.