Band Suggestion “Daughter”


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Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Daughter is a band formed in 2010 in London. With three members, Daughter creates new indie music. Daughter, including Igor Haefeli, Remi Aguilella, and Elena Tonra, the three make exciting chill beats to relax to.

Daughter was featured on the game Life is Strange: Before the Storm, creating an ambient atmosphere for the game. Daughter incorporates electric guitar, drums, and launchpads. Having released four EPs, and three albums, Daughter is still considered under-the-radar. Being signed to less popular record labels may contribute to Daughter being undiscovered by many.

As a first time listener to Daughter, I began with the album “Music From Before the Storm.” Some favorites include “Burn it Down,” “Glass,” “The Right Way Around,” and many others. If you enjoy artists such as Incubus and Lanterns on the Lake you will love Daughter.

If you’re an alternative band lover, you should definitely check out Daughter.