Edith burns, historical writer

Adolf Hitler a horrible man however stolen was way worse. Adolf Hitler killed probably about 11 million wow Stalin killed over 50 million. Adolf Hitler was not a good speaker in fact the Germans weren’t even have forced into that government they agreed on it. Before way long before he was that’s so cute and leadership, he had already put out the rules that he would have stating,” nobody outside always especially jews”. The rules are called the 25 points those stated everything that would happen if we he would take leadership over Germany. Not to mention he was not that great of a speaker everybody says that he could tell them the Sky was grey when it would really be blue, and they would believe it but that is not true at all. All of the Germans agreed with him that there should be Jews. And the reason why you got so many votes is because he provided job for everybody and food for everybody. As stated, before Stalin was way worse than Hitler, he killed way more people than Hitler Hitler’s just such a big sensation because he invented Holocaust camps. Whereas Stalin just had gulags so they were basically on the same premise, but Hitler was way stricter about it I would say.