Edith burns, historical journalist

Joaquin Guzman is the second biggest kingpin. Also known as El chapo or “Shorty”, he is the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. His net worth is around 2-4 billion dollars. The Mexican drug lord has been in arrested multiple times and managed 2 escapes from prison. How does this happen in a maximum-security prison? Well, he pays the officers to either help him escape or simply turn a blind eye. The first time he bribed prison guards to let him go unnoticed, he slipped into a laundry basket and had one of the guards push him out of the prison. The second time, his drug mules and workers had made a tunnel underground with a dirt bike and a track. The government was curious as to how this even happened in a maximum-security prison. Come to find out, his works had drilled a huge square into his cell. El Chapo has a wife and has thirteen children all together. Of course, with many different women. After all of this mess, he was finally captured again and sent to yet another maximum-security prison in Colorado. His wife, Emma, doesn’t really seem to mind as she is using his money and might even have a part in the Sinaloa Cartel herself.