Little Nightmares


Image: Me

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Little Nightmares was a popular indie game released in 2017. With a compelling storyline and interesting art style, Little Nightmares was a large hit with famous Youtubers and any gamer interested in horror.

Playing as Six, you are on a boat learning more about yourself and your surroundings. On this boat are enemies, friends, and of course a final boss. You travel through a prison, library, kitchen, a guest area, and the final bosses’ quarters. Six is a small, fast, and agile character that you must play as to navigate the boat, and avoid enemies.

Each enemy is terrifying. One with characteristically lengthy arms, two with horrifying flesh masks in chef outfits, and a geisha with blackened eyes. You will also be greeted by little nomes in the game, which you can “collect” by hugging them. They will actually come into use later, and aid you during the gameplay.

While escaping these enemies, you can interact with candles and lanterns to save your game or create a checkpoint. There are also little geisha statues throughout the game which you throw and release the potion inside to unlock a trophy/achievement.

The game includes perspectives of the game where you view only yourself, you can see enemies surrounding you, you climb staircases where you can see background scenarios playing out, and many more. The point of view adds very much to the mystical element of the game, making it even more interesting. The game also includes a DLC with many chapters where you play as a young boy on this boat at the same time as Six. These two storylines overlap and relate to each other very much.

Incorporating a dark color palette, and in-depth foregrounds, Little Nightmares is definitely a game to try out for yourself.