Oh what a year it is.


SARAH ALIFF , Publisher.

2020 has been nothing but trouble. As soon as the ball dropped 2020 took over. Well back in 2012, we all thought they world was going to end. That’s what we predicted. Well we have the roman calendar. So back in ancient time they had the mina calendar. The year the world is ending in the mina calendar is 2012, that’s the same as 2020 to the roman calendar.

When kids go to history class and they start to talk about 2020, it will have its own book. 2020 took many things from us. Like the wild life in Australia. The fires took so many animals. Then Kobe and his daughter, that was one of the sad things in history. Lets not even get started on COVID-19. That has taken more people them anything else the year.

Sadly, last night. We lost anther very important person. Alex Tieback died from cancer yesterday. Having been fighting for years he lost. He was a very well known, and respected man. He has many rememberable shows that aired. Jeopardy was the show he hosted. He worked at to for son long. He was loved by many. 2020 has take all we have. So lets fight COVID-19 and get are lives back.