Listening to the Caretaker-Everywhere at the End of Time

Listening to the Caretaker-Everywhere at the End of Time

The Caretaker is an experimental classical album which focuses on the stages of dementia. Many have listened to this album and focused on their feelings throughout the stages. The album is a whole six hours long, and needs to be listened to all the way through to experience the full alleged effects. So, I figured I would participate as well and tell you how it goes.

The first stage focuses on the first signs of memory loss. The first stage is supposed to be like a sunny, beautiful day. You are still aware of yourself, and your days. It is described as the last of the good days. When listening you feel uplifted, and can hear a bit of static. It feels like riding a rollercoaster at the fair in the summer and feeling the warm air hitting your face. As you progress through the first stage, things become a bit unclear.

The second stage begins with more static. You realize something is wrong, and begin to refuse that there is something wrong. The quality of your memory is supposed to become deteriorated. The mood is lower in general than the first stage, and things aren’t as happy. This stage feels like walking in New York on a very cold, snowy night and the streets are empty. No hustle and bustle, and the wind whipping you around the dark alleys. This stage allows you to feel desolate and lost in a large world.

The third stage is about experiencing those final memories before you are completely consumed with confusion. Here are the last stages of being aware with your life before you have lost the ability to remember. Everything is more confused, and it feels like memories are intertwined. Distortion begins to take over, and you feel chills roll down your spine. You feel a thumping that warps your brain into feeling fear. There is a disturbing feeling overwhelming you while listening.

Stage four begins abruptly. It makes your heart pound, and there is so much confusion that you can’t really tell what’s happening. This is supposed to be the stage where your memories completely run together, and there is repetition beginning to surface. There is a significant amount of static, enough to disrupt how you think. There is no ability to follow a melody, tune, or note into another one. You find yourself losing train of thought often, and unable to focus on an activity while listening.

The fifth stage is about confusion and horror. You become calm and confused at the same time. There is constant switching back and forth between moments of calm and fear. You can sense a feeling of isolation developing. It almost feels like listening to liminal spaces if that makes sense to anyone.

Finally the sixth and last stage has no description. It feels like void, and emptiness. There is no way to describe the sixth stage other than feeling completely lost.

If you want to give yourself the weirdest yet coolest experience ever, you should listen to this album. You can listen to this album and experience for yourself how it would feel to have dementia.