Nintendo’s Amiibo’s


Morgan McKinney, Reporter

In 2014 Nintendo introduced new trophy-like figures that you can buy at stores that can give you more to whatever game you are playing. If you’re playing Breath of the Wild and use one of the many Legend of Zelda amiibos you can get things like weapons and armor from previous Zelda games. However, there are certain amiibos that are more expensive than others. They could cost fifty to one hundreds of dollars. The amiibos are really valuable now-a-days so that’s something to take note of. Now let’s go see what some of the most expensive amiibos are and why.


The amiibos can be bought at multiple stores like Target, Game Stop, and Best Buy. While looking at amiibos the most expensive normal amiibo is called Box Boy which is sold from $184 to $378. There are also amiibos that we’re made with missing parts, and also miss painted parts. All the ones that were made with these problems were sold for a big price on eBay. The most expensive amiibo to date is a Princess Peach with no legs which sold for $25,000, the same price as a new car. That seems like too much for an amiibo. Those are the most expensive amiibos out of all the amiibos out there.