Thanksgiving Cost & Fees

Amy Borowski, Reporter

The holiday season is right around the corner which means economic expenses are about to rise. Thanksgiving meal prepping, décor, and travel expenses all contribute to the spending that Thanksgiving entails. LendEDU conducted a survey with 1,000 random consumers to see how much the average cost an American spends on the traditional holiday. Many consumers said they spend a maximum of $186.05 just on food with a minimum of $100, just including small gatherings. Another major expense is spent on travel fees. Majority of families travel to see family or vacation with a minimum of $30 being spent on gas alone. Families that host holiday parties and gathering can easily spend up to $500 without even touching Christmas fees yet. The Holiday season is about coming together and being thankful and as years pass it can easily become a financial setback to a family if they are not careful. The pandemic is predicated to lower costs tremendously both food and travel-fee wise. States have already begun to release there ‘holiday plans’ with closing down interstate crossing both in and out of state. Stopping interstate flow reduces the amount of transportation fees while also not allowing for some families to meet at all. Food costs will most likely drop as well since not as many people will be buying in bulk as usual to prepare for a large feast. I hope to all students and advisors at Cabell Midland that they get to see as much family as possible during this pandemic. Eat lots of turkey and remember to be thankful!! Happy Thanksgiving!