The Election


Nathan Stephens

The election was definitely a wild one.More people in modern history went to vote.It means that the people had a clear choice for who they wanted.The country has been severely divided and the election made it worse.Donald Trump who had a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016 was running for reelection.Donald has always been a controversial man even before his life in politics.He was bussiness man who went into reality tv and the entered polotics.He won the election because he had no filter and he was new and it was something that they hadn’t seen before.He promised to make change to an administration that many were upset with.

While he was in office the economy thrived.There is no denying the economic leadership from Trump.There were record numbers on wall street seemingly every week or month.He cut taxes and started the first step act which gave rehab to prisoners and also gave them job training and job oppurtunity.Trump also gave life to NASA by create the space force and exploring more of space which is a huge deal for scientist and for mankind.He may not of defeated ISIS all the way but they are a very tiny threat.

This did not come with out his bad moments such as Charlottesville rally were instead of condemning the neo nazis who are universally bad he said “Very fine people on both sides”.He also failed to respond to George Floyds death or to the countless violent protest in the streets.His lack of a filter has gotten him into trouble over the years and has ruined his image fr many.His edgy remarks have been taken as racist and sexist and does not sit with many Americans.He did crack down on the illegal immigrants he did not really do anything to help them out or keep families together.Although more humane than the previous administration with the cages it was not a proud subject for Donald.

The final thing that gave him the biggest blow was Covid-19.To be fair it was something so unexpected,but something every president should be prepared for.He was not prepared for it and dropped the ball when it came to protecting America.He shut the borders down to late and did not make masks mandatory.The virus was more and more out of control and continues to stay that way.The people elected him for his economic leadership but being forced to shut down businesses and the country the economy that he built was gone and in complete shambles.

In the end he lost the election even if he thinks that it was voter fraud.In all reality he lost way to big for it to have been voter fraud.He lost to the former vice president Joe Biden.Joe Biden promised to  reenter America into the paris agreement and to fix the big mistakes of the Trump administration such as Covid.This goes to show you may do good as a President and have all of the confidence in the world,but part of the job is being prepared for everything.He was not and he lost.