Civilization VI: Strategy and History

Civilization VI game artwork

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Civilization VI game artwork

Dylan Andrus, Reporter

Civilization VI is the newest installment in the popular Civilization franchise; the franchise is a turn-based strategy in which the player selects a renowned nation from a large swath of nations to play from the early beginnings of human civilization to the space age. The player can choose to focus on a multitude of victory conditions including world domination, science, culture, religion, and a few more. To accomplish this, the player must select new technology to research. In Civ VI specifically, the player also researches different cultural theories. Through this research one unlocks new military units, construction projects, etc. Overall, Civ VI is a unique and fun game, so let’s dive deeper into it.

Civilization VI comes with a host of new features including, but not limited to: a cultural research tree, governors, new technology, a revamped World Congress (the game’s version of the UN), new civilizations, new unique bonuses for civilizations, and a better map design. Overall, it’s a fun improvement to Civ V. However, what I love most about it is the history that comes with the compelling game play. Of course, depending on the civ you pick, you get special military units and benefits. For example, in my England play-through there’s a mid-game unit called a redcoat, based on the uniforms and training the British Empire had for their army. There’s also historical wonders and land marks that can be discovered and built. Finally, there’s a great person feature in the game in which the player can accumulate great person points in a specific area (say science for example) and reach a level in which they can spawn a great person that may employ a special ability to grant bonuses. In Civ VI, each great person actually has a name and a story based off of real historical people. For example, Euclid, a classical era mathematician who was responsible for creating most of modern day Geometry. Upon spawning Euclid and activating his ability, the player gains a research boost to the mathematics research and a random era tech.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Civ Vi is a great, historical strategy game to play when you have a good chunk of free time, as its certainly sucks you in!